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Elizabeth Hautau Karp

a few words about my discovery

January 1, 2019


United States of America

3:34 a.m.  EST


Dear Reader:


I’m here to confirm, that the little voice in the shadows of your mind has been softly whispering the truth. To confirm, that the flash in the corner of your eye wasn’t a figment of your imagination. To confirm, that the object you absolutely positively set down on the kitchen counter, only to find it an hour later under the newspaper, was not a mistake on your part. Don’t be embarrassed we all have gone down the road of confusion, wondering if we where going mad, seeing things. Having senior moments with misplaced objects.


Well, my friends, its not you, its them and I am here to provide the proof. They are called Little Creatures and they are everywhere, hidden in plain sight. All you need to do is slow your pace of life, just for an afternoon and when the sun is just right, you will see them.


“Who are they?” you ask. Let me start from the beginning.


One overcast day, I was wondering through the greenhouse, not thinking about anything in particular, enjoying a rare day of nothing. When I noticed something out of the corner of my eye; a small graceful Minotaur sitting on a pale white ranunculus blossom. No bigger then a mill coin, handsomely dressed and humming to himself. So enamored with the vision was I; that I stole an hour or so to observed him. Perfectly content and unaware of my actions I photographed him as verification of my delightful find. I did not foresee that this moment would be the pinnacle point that is now a healthy obsession.


I thought this sighting would be a one off. But no, once I spotted the Minotaur, Little Creatures started to appear at random times. There seems to be no limit to the diversity of their kind. I have photographed a Lizard Lady, Ms. Blue Bird, Mr. Wolf and one that I fondly named ScubaMan. They are elusive, yet have certain habits that I am discovering every day. They enjoy flowers, quiet corners, small discarded tins or wooden boxes and have a sense of humor. Chinese fortune cookies appear to be the food of choice, for I find fortunes randomly about my house. I might have an infestation.


The presented are a few examples of my discovery thus far. I am beginning a catalog of the Little Creatures and will soon publish my anthropological findings. In the meantime, I continue to keep diligent records, photographs and collect the
little boxes and fortunes that keep turning up at my door step. Am I watching them or they me?


Dear reader, do yourself a favor, slow down, start looking into the forgotten corners of your imagination and you too will see them everywhere, Little Creatures in Their Natural Habitat.


Yours in Truth,



Hautau Karp

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